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Uncomplicated Forward-looking Homes and Plans

Updated on May 2, 2019



I bear a downplay in scheming homes and I beloved share-out my oeuvre with others. I passion workings with clients to assist conception their daydream homes.

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Advanced House Designs

As a edifice architect, I beloved tinkering some with floorplans and layouts; it is much of fun for me. I bear distinct to plowshare roughly of my employment infra. Many of these theatre designs sustain been victimised by my Edubirdie clients in the yesteryear.


Ludenio plate outside manakin.

This Ludenio Plate is fit for lots measurement 15 meters by 10 meters, or 150 feather meters. Its two-tone extraneous bulwark colours are a grand compounding of strand and igniter xanthous.

On the reason flooring are:





The upstair boasts:

Two bedrooms with one divided john

One passe-partout bedchamber with a original john

Balcony for loosening

The reason level ar is 53 feather meters and the commencement storey is 60 foursquare meters.

Countryside Stylus

Magical Countryside house, outside.

This countryside-style home was intentional for one of my clients. The coldcock programme is the like as my Bacolod Bricks Theater and includes a 75-centimeter polite rock finishing on the outside bulwark and woo turnout. It makes a consummate peer for your countryside life-style.

Sun Bloom

Sun Efflorescence outside example, two stories.

This is my modish designing for Filipino abroad workers, as many of my friends hither are OFW. Lately, I’ve been receiving many emails from them requesting me to brand a innovation for their succeeding homes. Hither is one of my favorites. The Sun Efflorescence is gracious and graceful, with a two-toned spark xanthous outside palisade. Yellowness is a semblance of felicity, often wish a helianthus.

I’m certainly you would be glad to experience therein home, as it has many expectant features:

Broad original bedchamber (6 meters by 4 meters)

Two bedrooms (3 meters by 3 meters)

Two bathrooms

Dining-room (3 meters by 2.8 meters)

High-minded kitchen (3 meters by 3 meters)

Aliveness are (6 meters by 5 meters)

Entrance (1.5 meters by 2 meters)

Bacolod Victoria Firm and Level Contrive

Bacolod Victoria outside.

Bacolod Victoria coldcock project.

I named this menage Bacolod Bricks abaft the cognomen of the supporter who asked me to innovation it for him. The sum coldcock arena is 95 lame meters, desirable for a five-person sept. It features a shingled ceiling and brick tile outside bulwark ending, which acts as an nonconductor of hotness and flack, delivery warming and chilling costs.

More details:

Two bedrooms (3 meters by 3 meters)

Schoolmaster chamber (4 meters by 4 meters)

Bathrooms: one headmaster and one park

Kitchen (3 meters by 3 meters)

Dining-room (4 meters by 3.5 meters) with a belittled bar

Parlor (4 meters by 4 meters)

Entering (2 meters by 1.5 meters)


Minimal lot arena: 150 feather meters

Scratchy Destination Price: PHP 700,000.00 (USD15,000.00)

Refined Finishing Price: PHP 1,500,000.00 (32,000.00)

Jay Marasigan Family

Jay and Aya Marasigan Theatre outside.

Earth base contrive.

Beginning story programme.

This two-story firm looks larger than it is; the totality expanse for the reason base is 100 foursquare meters with a summate of 200 straightforward meters for the unhurt firm. It is desirable for a straight lot of 15 by 15 meters. It features a gyrate stairway and an high-flown kitchen and dining-room.

More details:

Quatern bedrooms

Headmaster chamber (4 meters by 4 meters)

Two bedrooms measure 3 meters www.glassdoor.com by 3 meters and one chamber at 2.5 meters by 3 meters.

Bathrooms: one passe-partout and two common.

Kitchen (3 meters by 3 meters)

Dining-room (4 meters by 3.5 meters) with a little bar

Parlour (4 meters by 4 meters)

Entering (2 meters by 1.5 meters)


Minimal lot ar: leastways 15 meters by 15 or 300 straightforward meters

Raspy finishing be: PHP 850,000.00 (USD18,000.00)

Refined coating be: PHP 2,500,000.00 (52,000.00)


Valecia Family outside, position sight.

Base programme.

This is a one-story abode with a maestro chamber and two bedrooms, like as the Jay Marasigan menage invention. It looks big, but the livelihood country flooring is lone 118 foursquare meters, which is stillness low-cost. It has a wide animation and dining country and a U-shaped kitchen.

More details:

Totality base country: 118 straight meters

3 bedrooms (2 at 3 by 3 meters, and one at 2.5 by 3 meters)

Professional chamber (3.6 meters by 3.6 meters)

One passkey lav and one plebeian john

Kitchen (3 meters by 4 meters)

Dining-room (4 meters by 3.5 meters) with a pocket-sized bar

Living-room (4 meters by 4 meters)

Incoming (4 meters by 1.5 meters)


Minimal lot domain: leastways 15 meters by 15 meters or 300 satisfying meters

Grating destination price: PHP 750,000.00 (USD15,600.00)

Refined conclusion price: PHP 1,800,000.00 (37,500.00)

Innovative Habitation

Mere Bodoni family.

Hither’s my Advanced Theater. It’s for those who get a 12 by 12 time lot and compliments to fabricate a innovative home on a budget. Belittled and low toll, it has an but 80 centare undercoat base so you can relieve approximately place for a figurehead g.

More details:

Aggregate coldcock ar 180 satisfying meters

Ternary bedrooms, two measure at 3 by 3 meters

Maestro bedchamber (3.5 meters by 3 meters)

One passe-partout lavatory and one vulgar can

Kitchen (3 meters by 4 meters)

Dining-room (4 meters by 3.5 meters)

Parlor (4 meters by 4 meters)

Porch (4 Top5writingservices meters by 3 meters)


Minimal lot country: leastways 15 meters by 15 meters or 300 satisfying meters

Raspy finishing toll: PHP 750,000.00 (USD15,600.00)

Graceful destination toll: PHP 1,800,000.00 (37,500.00)


Annabella Patangan outside example.

This theatre is idealistic one m supra grade so that you can deliver an omit in your battlefront railyard from the bedight. Courteous, definitive Asian-style household.


Jerry’s Menage, outside modelling.

Jerry’s Menage story design.

This family is just 5 by 8 meters because the node’s lot attribute was but 6 by 10 meters, which is a distinctive constringe lot for affordable lodging. It has:

Two bedrooms (3 meters by 2.5 meters)

Animation country (2.5 meters by 3 meters)

Kitchen and dining are (2.5 meters by 3 meters)

One lavatory (2 by 2 meters)

This is not fair a low-priced home, but a extra low-priced firm with a appreciation of luxuriousness.

Expectant Advanced Plate

Outside manakin.

This family is one of my favorites. Suited for a upland are commanding the sea, metropolis, or mountains. It has a coil stairway before that goes clear capable the patio.


Apostol outside exemplar.

Apostol level programme.

I intentional this firm to can fit into lots measurement 15 by 12 meters, as you can see from the flooring design. Former features:

Original chamber (4 meters by 3.5 meters)

Passkey bath

Two bedrooms (3 meters by 3 meters)

One vulgar lav

Animation arena (4.7 meters by 4 meters)

Combined kitchen and dining domain (5 meters by 3.5 meters).

2.5-meter figurehead g for your park

Mod Theatre II

Forward-looking Firm II outside example.

This is a new invention: I cry it Advanced Menage II. It’s two stories with tremendous windows for a blanket circumferent aspect and outside lighter. This pane likewise traps oestrus inner to donjon your spa strong during the overwinter.

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