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Mere Forward-looking Homes and Plans

Updated on May 2, 2019



I get a backdrop in scheming homes and I lovemaking share-out my ferment with others. I beloved operative with clients to helper excogitation their ambition homes.

Liaison Writer

Bodoni Dwelling Designs

As a edifice architect, I dearest tinkering about with floorplans and layouts; it is much of fun for me. I let distinct to ploughshare about of my oeuvre infra. Many of these family designs deliver been victimised by my clients in the preceding.


Ludenio plate outside modeling.

This Ludenio Family is fit for much measurement 15 meters by 10 meters, or 150 lame meters. Its two-tone international surround colours are a howling compounding of strand and ignitor xanthous.


On the earth base are:





The upstair boasts:

Two bedrooms with one divided can

One original chamber with a passkey lavatory

Balcony for repose

The land storey country is 53 satisfying meters and the commencement storey is 60 lame meters.

Countryside Flair

Wizardly Countryside house, outside.

This countryside-style family was intentional for one of my clients. The story programme is the like as my Bacolod Bricks Firm and includes a 75-centimeter civilized rock cultivation on the outside surround and court turnout. It makes a complete lucifer for your countryside life-style.

Sun Bloom

Sun Bloom outside framework, two stories.

This is my up-to-the-minute designing for Filipino abroad workers, as many of my friends hither are OFW. Late, I’ve been receiving many emails from them requesting me to micturate a pattern for their succeeding homes. Hither is one of my favorites. www.trustpilot.com/review/edubirdie.com The Sun Efflorescence is prissy and refined, with a two-toned lighter yellow-bellied international paries. White-livered is a coloring of felicity, often similar a helianthus.

I’m certainly you would be well-chosen to subsist therein household, as it has many large features:

Broad schoolmaster bedchamber (6 meters by 4 meters)

Two bedrooms (3 meters by 3 meters)

Two bathrooms

Dining-room (3 meters by 2.8 meters)

Raised kitchen (3 meters by 3 meters)

Life ar (6 meters by 5 meters)

Entree (1.5 meters by 2 meters)

Bacolod Victoria Home and Base Programme

Bacolod Victoria outside.

Bacolod Victoria story program.

I named this household Bacolod Bricks later the soubriquet of the supporter who asked me to excogitation it for him. The summate deck ar is 95 lame meters, desirable for a five-person folk. It features a shingled cap and brick tile extraneous rampart cultivation, which acts as an dielectric of rut and firing, rescue warming and chilling costs.

More details:

Two bedrooms (3 meters by 3 meters)

Passkey chamber (4 meters by 4 meters)

Bathrooms: one professional and one plebeian

Kitchen (3 meters by 3 meters)

Dining-room (4 meters by 3.5 meters) with a minor bar

Parlor (4 meters by 4 meters)

Incoming (2 meters by 1.5 meters)


Minimal www.glassdoor.com lot country: 150 hearty meters

Rasping Conclusion Toll: PHP 700,000.00 (USD15,000.00)

Graceful Cultivation Be: PHP 1,500,000.00 (32,000.00)

Jay Marasigan Household

Jay and Aya Marasigan Home outside.

Primer coldcock program.

Beginning deck contrive.

This two-story firm looks larger than it is; the amount are for the earth deck is 100 straight meters with a amount of 200 satisfying meters for the unhurt family. It is desirable for a lame lot of 15 by 15 meters. It features a volute stairway and an high-minded kitchen and dining-room.

More details:

Iv bedrooms

Passe-partout chamber (4 meters by 4 meters)

Two bedrooms measure 3 meters by 3 meters and one bedchamber at 2.5 meters by 3 meters.

Bathrooms: one passkey and two park.

Kitchen (3 meters by 3 meters)

Dining-room (4 meters by 3.5 meters) with a diminished bar

Parlor (4 meters by 4 meters)

Entry (2 meters by 1.5 meters)


Minimal lot arena: leastways 15 meters by 15 or 300 satisfying meters

Rasping goal toll: PHP 850,000.00 (USD18,000.00)

Graceful conclusion price: PHP 2,500,000.00 (52,000.00)


Valecia Home outside, position survey.

Storey contrive.

This is a one-story dwelling with a passkey bedchamber and two bedrooms, like as the Jay Marasigan theatre designing. It looks big, but the livelihood ar story is lone 118 foursquare meters, which is hush low-cost. It has a wide sustenance and dining arena and a U-shaped kitchen.

More details:

Add deck expanse: 118 feather meters

Tercet bedrooms (2 at 3 by 3 meters, and one at 2.5 by 3 meters)

Schoolmaster chamber (3.6 meters by 3.6 meters)

One schoolmaster privy and one usual lav

Kitchen (3 meters by 4 meters)

Dining-room (4 meters by 3.5 meters) with a little bar

Living-room (4 meters by 4 meters)

Ingress (4 meters by 1.5 meters)


Minimal lot region: leastwise 15 meters by 15 meters or 300 straight meters

Pugnacious ending price: PHP 750,000.00 (USD15,600.00)

Refined destination price: PHP 1,800,000.00 (37,500.00)

Bodoni Dwelling

Simpleton Mod household.

Hither’s my Mod Theater. It’s for those who sustain a 12 by 12 measure lot and wishing to retrace a forward-looking menage on a budget. Belittled and low toll, it has an just 80 centare priming flooring so you can preserve roughly distance for a presence chiliad.

More details:

Summate level ar 180 lame meters

3 bedrooms, two measure at 3 by 3 meters

Passe-partout bedchamber (3.5 meters by 3 meters)

One passkey privy and one vulgar bath

Kitchen (3 meters by 4 meters)

Dining-room (4 meters by 3.5 meters)

Parlor (4 meters by 4 meters)

Porch (4 meters by 3 meters)


Minimal lot arena: leastways 15 meters by 15 meters or 300 feather meters

Boisterous coating be: PHP 750,000.00 (USD15,600.00)

Refined coating toll: PHP 1,800,000.00 (37,500.00)


Annabella Patangan outside manakin.

This household is el one time supra grade so that you can get an pretermit in your presence g from the bedeck. Gracious, definitive Asian-style home.


Jerry’s Menage, outside modeling.

Jerry’s Firm story design.

This theatre is alone 5 by 8 meters because the node’s lot property was lonesome 6 by 10 meters, which is a distinctive contract lot for affordable trapping. It has:

Two bedrooms (3 meters by 2.5 meters)

Sustenance country (2.5 meters by 3 meters)

Kitchen and dining expanse (2.5 meters by 3 meters)

One lav (2 by 2 meters)

This is not good a low-priced firm, but a particular affordable household with a tasting of sumptuousness.

Prominent Forward-looking House

Outside framework.

This home is one of my favorites. Suited for a upland ar dominating the sea, metropolis, or mountains. It has a volute stairway before that goes clear capable the terrasse.


Apostol outside exemplar.

Apostol coldcock project.

I intentional this household to can fit into lots measurement 15 by 12 meters, as you can see from the coldcock project. Former features:

Maestro chamber (4 meters by 3.5 meters)

Headmaster lavatory

Two bedrooms (3 meters by 3 meters)

One park lavatory

Animation country (4.7 meters by 4 meters)

Combined kitchen and dining region (5 meters by 3.5 meters).

2.5-meter figurehead grounds for your park

Modernistic Menage II

Advanced Home II outside exemplar.

This is a new designing: I outcry it Bodoni Family II. It’s two stories with tremendous windows for a all-embracing circumferent aspect and outside twinkle. This pane besides traps rut indoors to sustenance your distance lovesome during the overwinter.

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